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GDSC Waseda is Waseda University’s chapter of Google Developer Student Club supported by Google Developers.

Here at GDSC Waseda, we organize many exciting events such as speaker sessions, hackathons, introductory hands-on workshops, study sessions, and so on. Also, by joining as an organizer of this club, you will get to participate in the annual global competition held by Google called the Solution Challenge.

If you are passionate about learning new things and looking to expand your connection, you are more than welcome! You can join regardless of the university you attend and there is no prior programming knowledge required! Feel free to contact us via gdsc.waseda@gmail.com for further inquiries.

Today, we are the largest GDSC chapter in Japan with over 200 members!

This chapter was founded by Rose Niousha in August 2021.

2021 - 2022 Chapter Lead: Rose Niousha

2022 - 2023 Chapter Lead: Advaith Sriram

2023 - 2024 Chapter Lead: Takumi Otsuka

HP: https://www.gdsc-waseda.com


GDSC Waseda は Google Developers に支援された早稲田大学チャプターのGoogle Developer Student Clubです。

GDSC Wasedaでは、スピーカーセッションや、ワークショップ、ハッカソン、勉強会など多くのイベントをしております。また、クラブ開催者として申請される場合、Solution ChallengeというGoogleの年に一回のグローバル大会に参加する機会もあります。




2021 - 2022 チャプターリード: ニウシャ・ローズ

2022 - 2023 チャプターリード: スリラム・アドヴァイト

2023 - 2024 チャプターリード: 大塚 巧巳

HP: https://www.gdsc-waseda.com

Upcoming events

28 jul 2024

Demo Day

GDSC Waseda Innovation Showcase 2024

Immerse yourself in innovation as GDSC Waseda presents our members’ solutions from the 2024 Solution Challenge and collaboration teams. Network, and cast your vote at our event, a must-attend finale of our 2023/24 term!

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Takumi Otsuka

GDSC Lead GDSC Waseda

Harshita Chivukula

Outreach Lead

Hyonjoon PARK

Finance Lead

Priya Pramod MUKKUNDI

Project Lead

Haruki Oyama

Frontend Lead

Gunjan S

Backend Lead

Lahiru Udawatta

Agile Lead

Takato Muramatsu

Education Co-Lead

Beatrix Sylvani

Education Co-Lead

Seongjoon PARK

Marketing Lead

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