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(International students are also welcome! English Follows after Japanese)

✨まなぶ → IT・情報系・プログラミングに触れたことない初心者でも安心🔰



✨つくる → 小さなものから大きなものまでなんでもOK!一緒につくるので初心者歓迎🔰自分のペースで◎アイデアお待ちしてます




✨つながる → ここはコミュニティ!教えあう・学びあう・一緒につくることで異分野・異学年の人との様々な交流が生まれます👫👯


👥メンバーになる方法 ※大学生・院生ならば他キャンパス生・他大生も可

  1. Google フォームに記入する URL:
  2. フォームに記入したメールアドレスにSlackの招待リンクが送られてくるので参加する 
  3. このページの上の方にある青いボタンからメーリングリストに登録する  すべて行うとアクティブメンバーとなります

大学登録名:Google Developer Student Club TMU(日野・南大沢に登録済み)

活動場所:オンライン or 東京都立大学内(日野 or 南大沢)




Learn, Create, and Connect!

A community for university and graduate students who enjoy teaching each other and making things!

LearnWelcome, beginners of IT, informatics, or programming!

 We value teaching and learning from each other! You can learn from people who know a lot about it for free!

 We have study sessions (free to join) about once a month 📒In December 2022, we learned how to develop apps using Flutter 📱

Create → Welcome, beginners of creation! Anything from small to big, we create together at our own pace 🔰

 ✅What we're working on now: 

 ✅What we would like to make in the future

 ✅Other interests:

ConnectThis is a community! Teaching, learning from each other, and creating together will create various interactions with people from different fields and grades 👫👯

 We have experience with overseas chapters (see photos at the link) 🌎International students are also participating!

👥How to become a Member ※Other campus and graduate students are also acceptable.

  1. Fill out the Google Form URL:
  2. A Slack invitation link will be sent to the email address you provide on the form, so join! 
  3. Join the mailing list by clicking the blue button at the top of this page.


University registration name: Google Developer Student Club TMU (already registered in Hino and Minami-Osawa)

Location: Online or at Tokyo Metropolitan University (Hino or Minami-Osawa)

Frequency of Activity: Free!

Number of registered mailing list members (including active members): About 90

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