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 Google Developer Student Club

Founded in 2020, the GDSC in university of liverpool focuses on technological events ,technological development and all technology . We pride ourselves on being an inclusive community that builds on great friendships and networking circles. This year we are excited to partner with Startups, Non-Profits and Leading Financial Institutions to bring you exciting speakers, workshops and introductory classes.We will organize competitions, events, and activities in cooperation with GDSC clubs from other schools, as well as opportunities to visit companies and factories. At the same time, we actively cooperate with the University of Liverpool to organize activities and competitions. Please take note of event times, as we try to accommodate the different timezones our members are located in.

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If you are a GDSC Lead of another university and wish to collaborate, you can contact us via

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q) Can anyone attend Liverpool DSC events? Yes! All events are Free and are in English, you can find out more exciting opportunities on @gdsc.uol2022 in ins.

Q) Are Events recorded? We would notify participants if the event is being recorded. We avoid recording events to allow members to ask questions freely.

Q) I really liked one of your events, can we have it happen again? Yes. Contact us (mail icon) and we will try our best to make it happen.

Q) Can I get more virtual intern/experience opportunities? Contact us by email, we are online most time

Q) How can I join the core team? We onboard new teams all year round although September to November is your best chance!

To Apply:           

1) Contact us via mail icon                 

2) Contact us via WhatsApp: 07579958596;

3) Contact us via WeChat: XYGyyds688;

Apply for the core team: Finish the Form

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Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.

Past events

8 mar 2024


University of Liverpool - Liverpool, United Kingdom

25 abr 2023

Info Session

University of Liverpool - Liverpool, United Kingdom

25 oct 2021

Info Session

University of Liverpool - Liverpool, United Kingdom

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Chenghang Liu


Jiajun Guo


Inform Tep


Jinyi Jiang

Secretary General, technology, head of activities

天行 嵇

java ,IOT ,embedded engineer , game developer

Salim Busaidi

Core member

mminus0707 Isik

Core member

Ata Karasu

Core member


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