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The Google Student Developer Club at University of Leeds is dedicated to fostering a thriving community and driving product development through a range of initiatives. With a strong emphasis on workshops, ideathons, and mentorship programs, we are on a mission to formalize our club's presence on campus and build a dynamic community of technology enthusiasts.

Our university, University of Leeds, has a rich history of excellence in STEM and Computing. Our primary goal is to ignite a passion for Software Engineering among all students, regardless of their academic backgrounds. We are committed to inspiring and educating individuals about cutting-edge technologies like Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence, equipping them with the skills needed to create impactful software solutions that leverage their domain knowledge from their primary fields of study.

Our vision is aligned with Google's mission: we aspire to revolutionize the tech landscape at University of Leeds by adopting a project-based, industry-driven approach. By collaborating with Google, we aim to empower students from diverse academic backgrounds to transform their interest in Software Engineering into real-world applications. Our partnership with Google ensures that students receive the support and resources they need to excel in this endeavor.

Join us at the Google Student Developer Club at University of Leeds and become a part of our mission to build a brighter, technology-driven future. Together, we'll inspire, educate, and create for the betterment of our university and the world.

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Shubham Bajaj


Tahir Ali


Rhea Prakash

Head of Marketing

Zofia Wilk

Head of Outreach

Rida Kazi

Head of Social Media

Tanweer Hassan

Head of Programme and Innovation
TEDx University of Leeds

Zoe Haythornthwaite

Photography Volunteer


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