LinkedIn Profile Perfect: Workshop & Photoshoot for Professional Branding

School of Chemical and Process Engineering, Room: Chemical and Process Engineering LT C (1.05), West Yorkshire, LS2 9JT

Join us for an inclusive Photoshoot & Networking Event hosted by the GDSC Leeds! Whether you're a tech enthusiast or simply eager to expand your professional network, this event offers a perfect opportunity to connect, learn, and enhance your online presence with professional headshots for LinkedIn.

Mar 13, 4:00 – 6:00 PM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

Attention all students, regardless of your academic background! The Google Developer Student Club warmly welcomes you to our upcoming Photoshoot & Networking Event. Whether you're majoring in computer science, economics, business, or any other field, this event is designed to cater to all students eager to grow personally and professionally.

Picture this: an afternoon filled with vibrant discussions, insightful conversations, and the chance to get professional headshots taken for your LinkedIn profile. Our event isn't just about snapping photos – it's about fostering inclusivity, building bridges between diverse disciplines, and creating a supportive community where everyone's voice is valued.

Connect with fellow students from various backgrounds who share a common interest in innovation and technology. Exchange ideas, collaborate on interdisciplinary projects, and broaden your horizons. 

So don't miss out on this inclusive Photoshoot & Networking Event. Let's come together, celebrate diversity, and embark on a journey of growth and collaboration. See you there!


  • Shubham Bajaj

    GDSC Lead

  • Tahir Ali

    GDSC Lead

  • Rhea Prakash

    Head of Marketing

  • Zofia Wilk


    Head of Outreach

  • Rida Kazi

    Head of Social Media

  • Tanweer Hassan

    TEDx University of Leeds

    Head of Programme and Innovation

  • Zoe Haythornthwaite

    Photography Volunteer

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