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Welcome to our GDSC Munich community! 

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Founded in 2019, we've become a dynamic hub for tech enthusiasts at the university. Our community thrives on sharing, learning, and growing together in the realm of developer technologies.

This year, we're excited to collaborate with innovative startups and tech giants, bringing you engaging workshops, speakers, and hackathons. Also, don't miss our TechJams – fun, interactive meetups for sharpening your tech and soft skills while networking with fellow tech minds.

Get ready for an inspiring journey of tech exploration and connections! 💻🤝

Why Join us?

  • 🎓 Skill Development: Master new tech skills with our interactive workshops and TechJams, covering everything from coding to cloud computing.
  • 🤝 Networking: Connect with a diverse group of tech enthusiasts, industry experts, and potential mentors.
  • 🧠 Knowledge Sharing: Contribute to and benefit from a rich pool of collective knowledge in our peer-led sessions and discussions.
  • 🌐 Global Community: Be part of an international network, opening doors to global tech events and collaborations.
  • 🔧 Project Experience: Work on real-world projects, enhancing your portfolio and applying your skills in practical scenarios.
  • 📈 Personal Growth: Develop soft skills like leadership, teamwork, and communication, essential for your professional journey.

Let GDSC Munich be your gateway to an exciting tech journey and a thriving network of brilliant minds! 🚀🌟👩‍💻👨‍💻

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  • Instagram: Follow us on Instagram for a glimpse into our vibrant community, event snapshots, and tech insights. 📸📱
  • LinkedIn: Join our LinkedIn network for professional updates, collaboration opportunities, and to connect with our members and alumni. 💼🔗
  • Discord: Most importantly, dive into the heart of our community on Discord. It's where all the magic happens – from daily chats, resource sharing, to organizing and participating in events. 🗨️💬

Stay in the loop and be part of our ever-growing tech family!

Upcoming events

19 jun 2024

Workshop / Study Group

TechJam: LeetCode

Join our LeetCode TechJam on June 19th at Office! Perfect for those prepping for tech interviews, this event offers hands-on coding sessions, experienced guidance, and peer collaboration to sharpen your skills. Beginner or pro, this is your step to career success. Limited spots available!

Past events

12 ene 2024

Info Session

Technical University of Munich - Munich, Germany

2 dic 2023

External Ticketing (External RSVP)

Technical University of Munich - Munich, Germany

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