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Welcome to Google Developer Student Clubs, the Federal University of Technology Akure.

We are a group of student developers with the goal of extending the use of technology in our community. To do this, we will learn how to use technology to solve problems and build human sustainability, which will help us all grow as a community.

We are glad you are part of our community. If you are a new member or you are not on any of our community groups, kindly join our community on WhatsApp. We'd be waiting for you there!

Upcoming events

15 jun 2024

Info Session

Mastering Teamwork with Google Workspace: Streamlining Collaboration for Impactful Solutions

Chaos from collaboration? Not in your Workspace! Tame the teamwork beast with Google's powerhouse tools and conquer your Solution Challenge goals! Join this workshop and unleash the productivity kraken!

15 jun 2024

Workshop / Study Group

Accessibility Best Practices for Inclusive Project Development

Embrace inclusivity in project development! 🚀 Dive into a welcoming atmosphere where we unravel key strategies for building projects that cater to everyone. 🌈 Unleash the power of inclusive design—your projects will thank you! 🌟

15 jun 2024

Workshop / Study Group

Mapping Your Impact: Integrating Google Maps Platform into Your Solution for Visualization

Put your sustainable solution on the map! Discover how to integrate the Google Maps Platform for powerful visualization and location-based optimization. Make your impact visible and your solution unstoppable!

15 jun 2024

Info Session

Cloud Security Architecture for Secure Project Cloud Deployments

Shield your cloud empire! Dive deep into secure project cloud deployments with expert guidance. Master robust cloud security architecture and fortify your applications like a pro!

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Ojebode James

Marketing Lead

Mustapha Oyebamiji

Tutors Lead

Abdulhamid Oyekunle

Design Lead

Alozie Ekene

Content Lead

Khadijah AbdulWasii

Event Lead

Tekena West

Graphic Design Sub Lead

Oluwapelumi Faboade

Programs Lead


Marketing Sub Lead

Francis Ijenebe

Event Sub Lead

Iretioluwa Olajide

Programs sub lead


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