Mastering Teamwork with Google Workspace: Streamlining Collaboration for Impactful Solutions

Chaos from collaboration? Not in your Workspace! Tame the teamwork beast with Google's powerhouse tools and conquer your Solution Challenge goals! Join this workshop and unleash the productivity kraken!

Feb 15, 7:00 – 8:00 PM



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About this event

Drowning in emails? Documents a battlefield? Are meetings more like minefields? Fear not, weary warriors! In this epic workshop, we'll conquer the collaboration chaos with the ultimate weapon: Mastering Teamwork with Google Workspace!

Prepare to:

Slay Email Dragons: Tame overflowing inboxes with powerful search, labels, and automation. Achieve inbox zen and reclaim your time.

Forge Document Fortresses: Collaborate in real-time on Docs, Sheets, and Slides. No more version purgatory, just seamless team edits!

Meeting Metamorphosis: Transform tedious meetings into focused sprints with smart features like live agendas, note-taking superpowers, and action item tracking.

Unleash the Productivity Kraken: Discover hidden Workspace gems like Calendar integration, task management, and file-sharing secrets. Boost your efficiency and crush deadlines with ease.

This workshop is your secret weapon for:

Acing your GDSC Solution Challenge: Collaborate flawlessly with your team, share ideas seamlessly, and build impactful solutions that impress the judges.

Transforming Teamwork: Leave behind the chaos and embrace a new era of efficient, streamlined collaboration.

Boosting Productivity: Watch your to-do list shrink and your impact soars with Workspace's magic touch.

So, ready to tame the teamwork beast and unleash your collaborative superpowers? Grab your laptops, and your team spirit, and prepare to conquer the workshop!


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    GDSC Lead

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    Marketing Lead

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    Tutors Lead

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    Content Lead

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    Graphic Design Sub Lead

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    Event Sub Lead

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