What We Are Talking About When We Talk About Economics

Waseda University - Tokyo, Japan

RA Peter Chai and NRI consultant Joon Young Moon introduce the field of "economics" in a lecture for students from all departments. Never again will you feel left behind when friendly conversation touches upon this seemingly difficult topic! A final QnA will be open for those that want to clear up some uncertainties that they have about the field.

Feb 5, 2022, 10:00 – 11:00 AM

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Have you ever been interested in the relationship between economics and technology? RA Peter Chai and NRI consultant Joon Young Moon introduce the field of "economics" in a lecture for students from all departments! This workshop aims to provide a brief overview of various subfields in the subject “economics” and to outline some established approaches that have been used by economic theorists, economic thinkers, and economic historians to investigate and understand human activities and the world around them. Emphasis will be placed on discussing the application of data, technology, and statistical and machine learning in economics. All university students regardless of their majors are welcome to join.  Click the RSVP button below and come join us this Saturday, 2/5, from 7 PM JST!

今までに経済学とテクノロジーの関係に興味を持ったことはありますか?早稲田大学リサーチアシスタントのPeter Chaiさんと野村総合研究所のJoon Young Moonさんによる「経済学」についての講義型セッションを実施いたします!このワークショップは、「経済学」のさまざまな分野の概要を追跡し、経済理論家、経済思想家、および経済史家によって人間の活動とその周囲の世界を理解するために使用されたアプローチの概要を説明、かつ、調査することを目的としています。特に、経済学におけるデータ、テクノロジー、統計および機械学習の応用について議論することに重点を置いた内容になっています。専攻関係無く、全ての大学生の参加を歓迎します。是非、上記のRSVPボタンを押して、2/5(土)午後7時からのセッションにご参加ください! 


  • Peter Chai

    Waseda University

    Teaching and Research Assistant

  • Joon Young Moon

    Nomura Research Institute

    Research Consultant


  • Gen Suzuki

    Outreach Lead

  • Tina Yang

    Outreach Team Member


  • Takumi Otsuka

    GDSC Waseda

    GDSC Lead

  • Harshita Chivukula

    Outreach Lead

  • Hyonjoon PARK

    Finance Lead

  • Priya Pramod MUKKUNDI

    Project Lead

  • Haruki Oyama

    Frontend Lead

  • Gunjan S

    Backend Lead

  • Lahiru Udawatta

    Agile Lead

  • Takato Muramatsu

    Education Co-Lead

  • Beatrix Sylvani

    Education Co-Lead

  • Seongjoon PARK

    Marketing Lead

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