CyberSession: Ethical Hacking and Bug Hunting

In this Fireside Chat with a Forbes Council Member and CyberSecurity Expert, we explore the field of cyber security, some career prospects for students in this field and tools and skills needed to enter this field. We will also cover some hot topics in the security field such as ethical hacking and bug hunting.

Oct 31, 2022, 4:00 – 5:30 PM



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About this event

Have you ever feared you can get hacked? Or have you previously wanted to hack? (for the good purpose of course)

Join our CyberSession with a Security Expert in the field who will enlighten us about stepping into the field of security and recount some experiences of his own career with us. This session will also give you an insight into ethical hacking and what is the purpose of white hat hacking, how it is used and what tools are used for it as well as bug bounty hunting, which is practiced by many hackers as a practice and also how you can get started in this. 

Do not Skip this session if you want to have a deep insight into the Cyber Security field and what it takes to get started towards this. 


  • Muhammad Nasweer Ellaheebuksh

    GDSC Lead

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