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The Google Developers Students Club at University of Mauritius is committed to educating students of all backgrounds the latest technology being used by Google and in the world, and we believe that bridging the gap between theory and practice can only be achieved by giving our students the ight guidance, tools and mentors to make them truly capable. 

So far we have organized many workshops involving AI, Flutter, RPA and more. 

To stay connected to our latest events, don't hesitate to join our Whatsapp Community here: Join Whatsapp GDSC UoM Group

We have also started our events and workshops on our YouTube Channel, which you can use as reference to learn more about all our previous events: GDSC UoM Official 

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Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.

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Muhammad Nasweer Ellaheebuksh


Sevish Babooa

Social Media Lead

Yashvin Bhayraw

Marketing Lead

Doshagyasing Gowardun

Technical Lead

Madhav Sanmukhiya

Media Lead

Vanishta Narainsamy

Graphics Lead

Pooja Devi Appiah

Event Organiser

Steeven Pajani Marooday

Event Organiser

Yusra Gheesah

Event Organiser


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