AI: Robotic Process Automation Workshop

University of Mauritius
Sat, Jan 28, 3:00 PM (GMT+4)

About this event

Welcome to our RPA workshop for all students, in this workshop we explore what RPA is and how its transformative technology is being useful in all fields. This workshop ends with a live coding of an automation task which students can follow and implement on their side simultaneously.

Dr Heman Mohabeer who is an AI and RPA expert from Mauritius is our guest speaker will be here to introduce RPA and our collaborative team from the National University of Singapore will be assisting to demonstrate and help students build an automated solution to implement RPA. 

The workshop will end with a Q&A session where Dr Mohabeer and his colleague will be present to answer all questions from students. The core teams from University of Mauritius and NUS will also be present to attend to students having difficulties.