AI and Startups

A Tech Talk exploring the background of our speaker as a successful Network Engineer at Cisco and we will explore some technical topics like AI and its spread in our world as well as less technical topics like Startups, exploring exemplary small Startups that made it to the biggest companies we know of today.

Oct 20, 2022, 3:00 – 4:15 PM



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Machine Learning

About this event

In this speaker session with our speaker, we will explore Artificial Intelligence and the concept of Neural Networks as well as the different frameworks in AI with the pros and cons of using each. We will also discuss the present and future development of AI and the different branches in which AI is used such as Computer Vision, Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Robotics and Recommender Systems. Along with which, our speaker Ms Purva will share her real-life AI project.

In this talk we will also discuss startups and the risk of starting an IT startup along with some career choices one can make towards either working for a big company or a startup and which benefits it might entail. 

We hear so much about the risk of starting a company these days and most students remain confused, what is the trend of startups? We will explore successful startups that made it big, where the trend really started and how these companies remain on top, as well as how one student can get started in that direction, which challenges are faced by small founders and what are the most important things to found a company in the post-pandemic period.


  • Purva Chiniya


    Network Engineer


  • Muhammad Nasweer Ellaheebuksh

    GDSC Lead

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