A Hands-on Tutorial of the Hugging Face Hub and Gradio

Technical University of Munich
Thu, Jun 23, 2022, 6:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

In this talk, we will cover the practical tools for modern machine learning for machine learning datasets, models, and demos. First, we will start by talking about How to Use the Hugging Face Hub, covering how to easily find the right models and datasets for your machine learning tasks. Then, we will walk through Building and Sharing ML Demos: covering how to quickly demo ML models for class presentations, portfolios, etc using the Gradio library.

This event is in collaboration with Munich🥨NLP community. Join the Munich🥨NLP discord server to discuss the latest developments and also stimulate exchange on research and innovation around NLP. This event will also be held on their discord.

📣This year, and for the first time in Europe, Google is organizing the Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp, from July to October 2022, to foster the growth of machine learning developers and stimulate their employment in Europe. The Bootcamp offers ML training and certifications to students/developers interested in becoming ML developers and connects them with IT companies across Europe and Israel to help them find employment as ML developers. For more details and to register (Deadline: June 20th) see here.

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