Flutter Festival Institute of Technical Education & Research - Bhubaneswar

Session 5: Hands on tic tac toe app and UI/UX tips

About this event

Hello folks ,

Want to begin with cross platform development ?

GDSC ITER presents you the flutter festival, a community-led event, where you can shape your ideas regarding

fundamentals of google technologies using flutter and explore several more stuffs regarding it. We have our facilitator @AK to guide you throughout the journey and help you to develop apps using cross-platform framework, flutter.

Benefits of this program :-

1. Learn the basics of flutter from our facilitator.

2. Build apps to solve real world problems for your locality.

3. Get a chance to be featured in Google's Dev Library.

4. Finish challenges/puzzles for a chance to win goodies.

5. E-certificates for all the attendees.

6. Chance to form teams and networks.

What are you waiting for?

Join Flutter Festival ITER telegram group :- https://t.me/+bRZ8Z06x7-xhYzc1

Stay tuned for further updates.

Don't forget to join our chapter -: https://gdsc.community.dev/institute-of-technical-education-research-bhubaneswar/