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Who we are

The Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is a community of students passionate about technology. We are dedicated to learning, growing, and connecting with other developers. We will organize events, workshops, and meetups to help our members learn new skills, network with professionals, and build their projects. We plan to organize workshops for students both with some level of expertise and those just starting their journey. 🎓

What we plan to do

In the upcoming year, we plan to:

  • Organize regular meetups and workshops on various topics, such as machine learning, web development, and data science - club members will choose topics!
  • Partner with local businesses and organizations to give our members real-world experience.
  • Provide opportunities for our members to connect with Googlers and other professionals in the tech industry.

Benefits of becoming a member

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the GDSC at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, including:

  • Learn new skills and grow your knowledge of technology;
  • Participate in the annual Solution Challenge competition by Google;
  • Network with developers and professionals;
  • Get hands-on experience with Google technologies;
  • Build your portfolio and prepare for your future career;
  • Have fun and meet new people who share your passion for technology.

How to join

If you are a student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and want to join the GDSC, simply click Join. We welcome all levels of experience, from beginners to experts!

We hope to see you at our next event! 🚀


Core Team Members' recruitment

Why Join Google Developer Student Club as a Core Team Member? 

🔥 Organize Tech Events: As a GDSC Member, you will have the chance to plan and create tech events - from hackathons to workshops and speaker series, it all depends on your creativity!

💡 Build a Thriving Community: GDSC is all about connecting with like-minded peers who share your passion for technology. Be a community builder and forge lifelong friendships with fellow students who inspire, support, and challenge you to grow.

🏆 Boost Your Resume: Being a GDSC Core Team Member isn't just fun – it's also an impressive addition to your resume. Stand out to future employers as someone who's innovative, and passionate about technology.

🤝 Collaborate with Industry Experts: Get up close and personal with tech gurus and industry experts, who will share their knowledge and experience with you through exciting events and workshops.

What will be your responsibilities?

Social Media Leads:🌟

  • Create and lead LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook GDSC pages
  • Post about upcoming and past events
  • Monitor social media channels for comments, messages, and mentions
  • Participate in creating an email newsletter
  • Follow Google’s Brand Guide

Tech Leads: 🔥

  • Advise in your technical area of expertise
  • Decide on workshops and lecture topics
  • Select tech upskilling materials provided by Google
  • Collaborate closely with industry experts
  • Support club members in the learning process

Operations & Logistics Leads: 🌐

  • Plan and coordinate tech events for students
  • Reach out to Industry Experts
  • Establish collaborations and possibly secure funds

Community Lead: 🤝

  • Build a thriving community of tech enthusiasts
  • Attract new members
  • Ensure that current members get to know each other
  • Organize get-together games and parties! 🎉

We plan to have a weekly meeting with all Core Team Members, plan together, collaborate with other student clubs and support each other in our tasks, as well as simply have fun!

If you're passionate about what we do and ready to join a team that's all about making a difference, we want to hear from you! 🌟

📩 Apply Today: https://forms.gle/Uw5BVj1yDRnbQV7b6

Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.

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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands


Info Session

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands


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