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Google Developer Student Clubs, VVCE is a community functioning with an aim to promote peer-to-peer learning with active usage of tools and technologies offered by Google. Here in the community, we learn and further our developers' skills with an intent to abide by the idea of putting knowledge to practical use.

We, in the community, conduct webinars, hands-on workshops, tutorials, informative talks, and more to engage with the audience and grow the community at large. To connect with us and help us promote the peer-to-peer learning culture,

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We usually deploy emails to inform our members about any of upcoming events or sessions. If you're met with any kind of query in relation to the community, kindly write to us. You'll find the mailbox at the very top of the page.

In addition to our social media handles present alongside the mailbox, check out our Linktree page for additional information!

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