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Usman Institute of Technology

Usman Institute Of Technology offers undergraduate studies in engineering and computer science programs. All Undergraduate Degree Programmes of Usman Institute of Technology is affiliated with the NED University of Engineering and Technology. Students, who comply with the conditions prescribed by the University and successfully fulfill the requirements of the degree programs, are awarded degrees by NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi

Google Developer Student Clubs

The main agenda of DSC is to help students maintain a proper balance between their theory work and practical work. Being a good student does not only depend upon how much you are good at your studies, but it also focuses on your determination and passion for learning something and implementing it by bringing innovation to the world. 

Google Developer Student Club UIT

GDSC-UIT is home to all the students who love to help build a proactive community using their technical and non-technical skills. GDSC enables students to learn and take their interest in Google developer Technologies to the next step by developing solutions through their learning implementations. It is indeed a very purposive platform for the tech-savvy students to polish their communication skills, grow their connection pool, be part of beneficial seminars, get to know the best entrepreneurs, enjoy success stories, learn the nitty-gritty of working in a team, develop project-building skills, etc.

Being part of GDSC enables students to not only learn and listen to others' stories but to bring their own unique ideas to the table and implement solutions to the problems. The reason the world recognizes them as the "problem-solving real HEROS!" 

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