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The amelioration of innovative, imaginative, and inquisitive qualities of the posterity is what Google Developer Student Clubs - University of St. La Salle resolves to pursue and prevail.

Here at GDSC-USLS, our focal point within all our engagements involving those associated with and invested in our ingenious ambitions is discerning, implementing, and meriting their technological proficiencies under the aegis of Google and our Alma Mater.

With the assurance of cultivating and honing the technical proficiencies of the passionately eager collective all while instilling the integral values under the green and white banner

Whilst invigorating the spirit of Lasallian camaraderieshipโ€”esprit de corpsโ€”of its contributors by virtue of providing substantial and diverse initiatives, workshops, and projects.

In the technological world, whether you are seeking opportunities, communal or discrete, engineering your lives with the applicable experiences

We seek to provide and deliver for you nonetheless so join us as we traverse and perceive the technological universe cooperatively as developers!

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