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Google developer Student Club at University of Primorska

Welcome to the official page of GDSC Primorska, founded in 2021 in hopes to build a strong community at our University! A peer-to-peer learning environment for learning new technical skills and growing as a developer. We are excited to create networking circles and bring fun workshops, seminars and speakers to our members. Improve your skills, career and network. All students from graduate and undergraduate programs interested in tech are welcome.

To learn more about Google Developers Student Clubs check out this link .

Follow this page or our Instagram profile @gdsc.primorska to keep track of the events. Feel free to contact us about your ideas and suggestions to better our community (

Let's connect, learn and grow together!

Upcoming events

19 abr 2024

Speaker Session / Tech Talk

Pre-Hack Speaking

Learn more about the concept of the Hackathon. Learn how to present/pitch your idea and get insights for rapid web development!

22 abr 2024

Speaker Session / Tech Talk

Google Cloud Tech Talk

"Cloud is (a lot) more than just someone else's computer!" Join us for an engaging tech talk by Associate Cloud Engineer, Nikola Krupež.

Past events

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Ivan Cvijetic


Nevena Stojnić

Google DSC Mentor
UP Famnit - Adacta

Đorđe Kremenović

Technical Advisor

Danilo Lazić

Technical Coordinator

Andrej Natev

Technical Coordinator

Nikola Murgovski

Graphic Designer

Elena Zdravkoska

Graphic Designer

Marko Veskovic

External Relations

Elsa Morina

Event Coordinator

Miha Rupar

Event Coordinator

Luka Uršič

Social Media & PR

Natalija Tashkova

Social Media & PR

Zhivko Stoimchev

Community Support

Stefan Petrovski

Community Support

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