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GDSC University of Bristol is a student-run community group for students interested in software development or who have ideas to help the community and want to make those solutions into reality. No prior experience or knowledge is needed to join - the whole purpose of the group is to help you build your knowledge, network, and allow a space for you to ask any technology related questions. If you are interested in building meaningful partnerships, have ideas but need to speak to the right people, or are just interested in tech and business, GDSC is for you. All ages and abilities are welcome!

Since this year is the first year of GDSC at Bristol, the main focus is to create foundations for future years to build upon. This involves building up the community, recruiting members, hosting exciting events and inform people about what GDSC is all about. 

This year, our events will feature a variety of hands-on workshops with both social workshops and expert led / guided workshops. Members can also look forward to a range of insightful talks covering a broad spectrum of topics, including application and interview processes at Google, the realities of working in developer roles, and experiences from Google internships. In addition, there will be more technical presentations introducing members to various technologies, with examples potentially including TensorFlow, Android development, and Google's programming language, Go.

We are excited about the possibility of offering attendees opportunities to earn some exclusive SWAG and other prizes via a group project competition after the January Exam period. This will be confirmed nearer the time but will centre around the workshops offered in the Autumn term and project ideas suggested by industry partners as well as members. Moreover, this spring, we will offer a mentorship program in collaboration with the Google Developer Group Academy. We are also actively working to participate in the Autumn cohort. Stay tuned for more updates as we finalise these exciting opportunities.

By joining you'll certainly gain valuable hands-on experience that will prepare you for the workforce and make you more distinguishable from other job seekers.

To join, click "Join" from above and then create an account! By doing so, you stay up to date with our upcoming events. You may need to create a GDSC profile and then revisit this page to join!

If you are a GDSC Lead of another university and wish to collaborate, you can contact us via our email ( or Instagram (@gdscbristol). Similarly, if you are someone who wants to host an event with us please reach out!

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