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Google Developer Student Clubs | University of Amsterdam (GDSC UvA)

Let's bring colors to the UvA

GDSC UvA is a vibrant community open to all students eager to explore the world of technology in the heart of Amsterdam. We bridge the gap between classroom theory and practical industry skills, fostering an environment where learning and innovation flourish. Whether you're a budding developer, coding expert, or new to the coding world, GDSC UvA offers a diverse platform to build, connect, and grow. Together, we'll have the opportunity to:
  • Attend captivating talks, hands-on workshops, insightful Google career sessions, webinars, and hackathons;
  • Visit Google Amsterdam and network with industry leaders and professionals;
  • Expand technical knowledge through peer-to-peer learning and connect with fellow students who share your interests;
  • Collaborate on impactful projects for the community, especially Google's annual Solution Challenge.



Q: I want to contribute to the community. How can I help GDSC UvA?

  • A: We're actively seeking individuals to teach at our workshops and assist in managing our community. If interested, let us know. We also welcome ideas to enhance our strategy, making GDSC UvA a community led by the imagination of our members.

Q: How can I stay informed about upcoming GDSC UvA events?

  • A: Join the club by creating your account and clicking "Join" on our website. This ensures you stay up to date with our latest events and announcements.

Q: Is GDSC UvA exclusive to students at Science Park?

  • A: No! GDSC UvA is for anyone who hopes to create solutions to benefit our society. We embrace diverse knowledge and backgrounds from everybody, and whether you want to hone your technical skills, have solutions to share, or just have a keen interest in technology, GDSC UvA wholeheartedly welcomes you.

Q: Can non-students join GDSC UvA?

  • A: Absolutely! Our events feature resource persons who may not be students, including ex-GDSC members and Google mentors. If you're interested in tech and are around the University of Amsterdam and beyond, GDSC UvA is open to you.

Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.

Past events

10 ene 2024

Info Session

University of Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands

13 dic 2023

Info Session

University of Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands

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