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About Me

LatinX programmer with a focus on AI+ML 🤖 and helping humans ❤️ 🏥 Nurse 🎨 Artist 💰 Entrepreneur | Let's go! 🚀 🚀 Reliable and highly motivated individual with extensive experience in I.T./C.S., software-driven business and customer delight. Empathetic and driven to help you succeed. ✓ Bilingual Spanish/English speaker with native-level fluency in both languages. ✓ Over 7 years of experience in Healthcare and Customer Delight. ✓ Over 2 years of experience with app testing, debugging, translation and other development assistance. ✓ I.T. Software skill set including experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Unix BASH, Windows Powershell and SQL. ✓ I.T. Hardware skill set including experience with building+repairing PCs and laptops and TCP/IP network administration. ✓ Remote Business skill set including daily use of ZenDesk, Uservoice, Greenhouse, Confluence, Jira, GSuite, Zoom, Slack, Datadog, Chartio, Cronify, GCal, Azure, Okta & REST API implementation in both leadership and team member roles. ✓ Additional computer experience including the use of Krita, Sony Vegas, Adobe suites (Photoshop/Premiere/AfterEffects), AutoCAD, OBS, Blender, and much more.