Eariele Arango

  • GDSC Sohar University, GDSC Sohar University Founder and Mentor
  • Sohar
  • Information Technology and Services
Game Development · AI · Operating Systems · Flutter · Kubernetes · Web Development · Cloud · Application Development · Full-Stack Development · Entrepreneurship · Design thinking · IOT · Data Science · Machine Learing · Cybersecurity · Competitive Programming · music · UX-UI Design · Java · Quantum Computing · Google Cloud Platform · Deep learning · JavaScript · Tensorflow · Leadership

About Me

Hello! I'm Eariele Arango, a Filipino national living in Oman. I'm currently studying at Sohar University as a Computer Science student and MENA Developer Student Club Founder and Mentor for Sohar University (2019) as well as Women Techmakers Sohar Ambassador (2020). In my free time, I like writing as well as reading books, making music and playing the piano. I also enjoy playing basketball, tennis, swimming and other sports! As for my technical background, I've helped develop a student registration system using database management systems for my former high school as well as build professional websites for companies. I'm self-taught in CMS like Joomla and WordPress and have used BootStrap to assist me in making websites. I'm learning different google technologies in different fields including Machine Learning, Data Science and Application Development, while training myself to master different programming languages. I've participated in a competitive programming competition and was a representative for my university in the OCPC 2019. || to lose your path is the way to find that path