Utkarsh Raj

React JS · AI · Cloud Computing · Agile · AWS · BigData · Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning

About Me

Hi there, I'm Utkarsh 👋 I'm a | Product Guy | ML Engineer | Project lead @ Pehia | GDSC Lead @DSC-CUSAT 🌱 I’m an aspiring Computer Science enthusiast well-versed in many aspects of different domains. 👯 I’m looking to collaborate with Machine Learning devs / ML Research Projects . 🥅 2021 Goals: Looking to expand my learning in Product Management and dive deep into Deep learning. I am up for mentoring students and helping them out. I am involved with communities like Developers Students Club, Pehia Foundation , Tinkerhub Foundation, Pie & AI: Kochi and Agora. I am also a Mentor @ Mentors Without Borders. I'm passionate about diversity in tech and open source. I'm also interested in product management . ⚡ Fun fact: I love reading blogs and am learning French at the moment. : I also love to travel