Darsh Jain

  • Mumbai
  • Computer & Network Security
Cybersecurity · Blockchain · Smart Contracts · Web Development

About Me

Hello everyone, I am Darsh Jain currently pursuing Computer Engineering from SLRTCE. I completed my high school at Bombay Cambridge International School and my junior college from Patkar Varde College of Science and Commerce. CyberSecurity and BlockChain excite me and hence I am looking forward to making my career into it. In the blockchain and smart contracts domain, I can test, analyse and develop smart contracts for ethereum blockchain using technology like INFURA or Web3JS etc . My GitHub account reflects my work there as well I am experienced in various fields and have worked as well as built projects in them like Machine Learning, blockchain, web development, cybersecurity, networking. In terms of open source, I have sound knowledge of Git and GitHub platform and I have over 50 repositories on GitHub.