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WooGDSC is dedicated to the following objectives:

Skill Development: To provide students with opportunities to enhance their technical

skills and knowledge in the field of software development and related technologies.

Community Building: To foster an inclusive and collaborative community of technology

enthusiasts, enabling networking, knowledge sharing, and support among members.

Innovation and Projects: To encourage creativity and innovation by offering platforms

for members to work on real-world projects, applications, and solutions.

Industry Engagement: To facilitate interactions between students, faculty, and industry

professionals, promoting career development and exposure to real-world tech practices.

Educational Outreach: To engage with the wider college community and promote

technology education through workshops, seminars, and community-focused tech


Job Search and Internship Support: To assist members in their job and internship

search by providing resources, guidance, and connections within the tech industry.

Regional Hackathons: To organize and participate in hackathons with colleges in the

region, fostering friendly competition, collaboration, and skill development among our


Through these initiatives, WooGDSC aims to empower students at the College of

Wooster with the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary for success in the

the ever-evolving field of technology.

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