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Founded in 2022, Our club will be focusing on technological, self-growth, development, and networking events. Our goal is to be an inclusive community that builds on great friendships and networking circles. This year we are looking forward to building a strong community and partnering with Startups, local businesses, Leading Technological Institutions, and Non-Profits to bring you exciting speakers, workshops, and introductory classes.

Anyone can apply for Organiser positions here.

If you are a GDSC Lead of another university and wish to collaborate, you can contact us via gdscteesside@gmail.com


  • Can anyone attend Teesside GDSC events? Yes! All events are free and are in English. Our virtual events are open to all members across the world.
  • Would membership in Teesside University GDSC help me get into Teesside University? No. We are not affiliated with Teesside University admissions, you are advised to check the Teesside University website.
  • How can I join the Core Team? We onboard new team members all year round. To Apply: (1) Contact us via mail icon (2) fill out this Form.
  • I want to start a Side-Project / Start-up as a Student. What resources do you have? This includes everything you need: The Student Developer Pack or Start-Up School. You can also check out project ideas on Google Dev Library.
  • What resources do you have on the Solution Challenge? Check out all the latest updates and resources on our Solution Challenge 2022 Resources Page.
  • How do I get started with Coding? Where do I start? Follow tutorials with Google Codelabs. A guided roadmap will be coming soon, so stay tuned for that.
  • How can I stay up to date with your upcoming events? Join the Club by creating your account and Clicking "Join" on this page.
  • Is GDSC only for students in computer science? No! If you are interested in building meaningful partnerships, you have a solution and need to speak to the right people, or are just interested in tech and business, GDSC is for you.
  • Can non-students join GDSC? Some of the resource persons you'll see in our events are either ex-GDSC members or Google mentors, most of which are not students. If you are interested in tech and around Teeside and beyond, GDSC will accommodate you.

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