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The Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) - Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus powered & backed by Google Developers is a student-led group that aims to empower students in the field of technology. Our club is open to any student in any discipline/major wishing to advance their skills in developer technology and no prior developer experience is required to be a part. We provide workshops, events, and hands-on projects that support and empower all students who are passionate about growing as a developer to solve real-time problems and increase their knowledge on developer products.

Our Initiatives

➔ Meet-ups: Meetups where students can come work on code together, ask for help on code and connect with others in the community.

➔ Speaker Events: Gain more insight on tech and developer careers.

➔ Workshops: Learn new skills in coding and technology.

➔ Project Groups: finding groups to work on a project with throughout the year, eventually competing in the annual GDSC Solution Challenge (More info: https://goo.gle/solutionchallenge)

➔ Opportunities, Resources, and News: Share new resources or news in tech or development relevant to students.

Benefits in being involved

➔ Connect with a community of problem solvers, technologists and leaders.

➔ Insight into the latest Google developer technologies and training from various experts. 

➔ Gain access to a global network of Google Developers and industry professionals.

➔ Receive training to further your technical careers and skills and much more!

Upcoming events

29 jun 2024

Workshop / Study Group

IoT in Action: An Interactive Talk & Hands-On Workshop with Maker Uno

GDSC IoT Industry Expert Talk and Workshop

Past events

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