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Google Developer Student Clubs is SNU’s technical community where students from all streams, who are interested in tech and growing as developers, share ideas and work together on exciting projects and solutions. The main characteristics that lay the foundation of what the GDSC stands for are curiosity and a willingness to learn. The central goal of this club is to encourage and support building more and more projects that create impact. This impact, big or small, is what drives the club and motivates its members to push boundaries and work towards innovations of the future.

The team is made up of individuals with diverse technical skillsets — android developers, web developers, machine learning enthusiasts, game developers, competitive coders, graphic designers and much more — working together and constantly learning from each other.

Members of the club lead and participate in building interesting projects that are viable and useful to the community. There are many such teams working on different projects at the same time, ensuring that every individual has a role to play and can contribute to the best of their abilities. The GDSC also organises workshops, webinars, networking sessions and many other such events for members of the club and other tech enthusiasts of the college to brush up on and keep up-to-date with their skillsets. 

These events are an integral aspect of the club as they not only empower coders with newer skills but also give a platform for students with non-technical backgrounds to venture into a new field, with tons of guidance and help readily available to them. Members of the club are also encouraged to participate in hackathons and other coding competitions. All the activities of the GDSC, SNU essentially culminate on creating a sense of community in the coding space of the university and uplifting innovative projects and ideas.

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