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Welcome to the GDSC @Saitama chapter!

What is Google Developer Student Club?

GDSC are university-based community groups with students interested in technologies empowered by Google developers.  Our goal is to help bridge the gap between theory and practice for students.   

Who are we?

A group of students from various backgrounds who are passionate about Technology to learn and apply our skills to solve real-world problems through a peer-to-peer learning environment.

We are enthusiastic about helping and inspiring the local to the global community to break into tech.

Who can join?

Anyone who loves to learn technology regardless of development knowledge can join GDSC @Saitama. 

Why join GDSC @Saitama?
GDSC Saitama is a strong GDSC campus that continuously operates a high-quality learning environment even if the lead changes. Our roadmap is CONNECT 🤝 > LEARN  💡 > DEVELOP 💪.  

By joining, you can:

How to be part of the Developer Student Club @ Saitama?

Every student from any degree with an interest in growing as a developer is welcome. The only requirement is to be passionate about Technology!

Become a member by clicking on the "Join" button above the About section.

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