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The Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) in Netaji Subhash Engineering College (NSEC), i.e., GDSC-NSEC is a prominent student developer community in Eastern India, based out at Netaji Subhash Engineering College campus in Kolkata, India. The club boasts over 3000+ members across all social media platforms. We believe in empowering the youth with technology to build sustainable, dynamic and scalable solutions for society. 

The GDSC-NSEC is a vibrant community dedicated to fostering Innovation, Collaboration and Learning among students interested in technology and development. As part of the global GDSC network, we strive to empower students with the latest technological skills and resources while nurturing a culture of Creativity, Problem-solving, Employability and Entrepreneurship.

We invite the students to be a part of GDSC-NSEC and embark on a journey of Learning, Innovation and Growth. Whether anyone is a beginner, curious about technology or an experienced developer looking to expand his/her skill set, GDSC-NSEC provides a supportive and inspiring community and atmosphere where anyone can thrive.

Collaborations of GDSC-NSEC:

GDSC-NSEC is actively collaborated with industrial organizations, industry experts, technology enthusiasts and other student organizations to create enriched experiences for its members. Through partnerships with leading companies and organizations, it brings cutting-edge technology trends, career opportunities and real-world insights to its community.

Rank of GDSC-NSEC:

Driven by a passion for technology and a commitment to excellence, GDSC-NSEC has consistently earned recognition for its contributions to the student community. Our dedication to skill development, innovation, and community engagement has helped us to achieve a prominent position among student-led organizations within the colleges. We can proudly represent our global presence with around 1.9K plus members in our community, thereby being one of the greatest among GDSCs all over the globe.

Different Domains of GDSC-NSEC:

GDSC-NSEC covers a wide range of domains to cater to the diverse interests and aspirations of its members. From Mobile App Development to Artificial Intelligence, from Web Technologies to Cloud Computing, from Web3 Open-Source to Blockchain Technology and so on, GDSC-NSEC offers learning opportunities and hands-on experiences in multiple domains, empowering students to explore their interests and pursue their passions.

Upcoming events

21. Juli 2024

Speaker Session / Tech Talk

Google Cloud Arcade Facilitator Program 2024

The Arcade Facilitator Program is an always-on, no-cost gaming campaign where technical practitioners of all levels can learn new cloud skills like computing, application development, big data & AI/ML and earn digital badges & points to use towards claiming swag prizes and Google Cloud goodies.

Past events

12. Mai 2024

Speaker Session / Tech Talk

Netaji Subhash Engineering College - Kolkata, India

30. Jan. 2024

Workshop / Study Group

Netaji Subhash Engineering College - Kolkata, India

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Subhajit Hait

APP Lead

Siddharth Chaberia

Cloud Lead

Sambaran Das

ML Lead

Debojit Saha

Web Lead NSEC

Yash Shaw

PR Lead

Sayandeep Adhikary


Soham Dey

Design Lead

Sourav Mitra

Faculty Adviser & Coordinator Netaji Subhash Engineering College

Suparna Mitra

Member of Advisory Committee


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