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"Bridging gaps, Building Solutions"

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) are community groups for students from any academic background in their undergraduate or graduate term. By joining a GDSC, students build their professional and personal network, get access to Google developer resources, upskill their student community, and work together to build solutions for local problems in a peer-to-peer learning environment.

GDSC NU Baliwag is founded on August 14, 2022, after the successful application of our pioneering GDSC Lead. This chapter aims to introduce technology to our Nationalians and allow them to experience how is it like to build solutions and applications that would make an impact on the community. One of the 30 recognized chapters of Google Developer Student Clubs along with other 200+ leads globally, we bridge gaps, expand our connections, upskill and grow the potentials that are within our students.

Together, let us make an impact on our communities!

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