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Google Developer Student Club organizes a wide variety of events throughout the year. The main objectif is to gain new skills through hands-on workshops, events, talks and project building activities online and in-person.

We all work for one purpose which is « CLG »:

Connect with students who are truly interested in developer technologies at our university.

Learn about a range of technical topics to promote skill upgradation in latest technologies.

Grow to their fullest potential by bridging the gap between the theory and practice and building great solution for local problems.

So what is the news?

GDSC is finally available in its first and only branch

in the eastern region of Morocco, so now we can talk about GDSC ENSA-O.

What is ENSA-O?

National School of Applied Sciences Oujda: (ENSA Oujda or ENSAO), is the one and the only major state engineering school in the eastern region, it belongs to the ENSA network in Morocco, The objective of the school is to form engineering executives in diversified disciplines including data science and cloud computing, cyber security and computer science. Since 19 October 2001 ENSA-O is known with its engagement in IT and developers clubs such as GDSC.

GDSC was lunched in ENSA-O in 2022.

All are welcome, including those with diverse backgrounds and different majors.

Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.

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