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Google Developer Student Club is a university-based community for students interested in Google developer technologies, hosted in 110+ other countries around the world. So if you want to deepen your knowledge, no matter your background and experience DSC is for you. By joining DSC, you will explore your knowledge in an environment tailored for learning and growth, and you will use it to better your local community.


Members of our GDSC ENSA-K grow their network and also their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and put theory to practice by building solutions for local businesses and their community. While having fun!

What is ENSA-K?

National school of applied sciences in Kenitra (ENSA-K), is a public engineering school established in October 2008, which instructs in more than six fields, is known since its inception in the informatics field, due to the high-quality pedagogical team, alongside its engagement in IT and developers clubs such as GDSC. 

GDSC was launched in ENSAK in 2021.

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