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  • Apoorva Nagar

    Apoorva Nagar

    GDSC Lead

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  • Ananya Nagar

    Ananya Nagar

    ML/AI Lead

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  • Ayushi Rawat

    Ayushi Rawat

    ML/AI Co-Lead

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  • Vanshika Dadhich

    Vanshika Dadhich

    Web Development Lead

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  • Kaneez Fatima

    Kaneez Fatima

    Web Development Co-Lead

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  • Priyal Maheshwari

    Priyal Maheshwari

    Design Lead

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  • Ishita Singh

    Ishita Singh

    Outreach Lead

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  • Nivedita Vyas

    Nivedita Vyas

    Media Lead

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