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GDSC MIT-WPU stands as a unique Google Developer Student Club, distinguished by its rapid growth and remarkable contributions to the student community's technological advancement. In an impressively short span, our club has emerged as a catalyst for fostering both growth and accelerated technological progress, and we're dedicated to maintaining this momentum.

Our initiative serves as an exceptional avenue for students to delve into industry-level technologies, offering a transformative space for skill cultivation. Beyond technical proficiency, we understand the importance of holistic development. Our approach extends to honing managerial capabilities and nurturing soft skills, a blend that's intrinsic to our club's identity. This comprehensive perspective is evident in our consistently successful, collaborative events, which stand as testimony to our commitment to both our local community and the broader tech landscape.

GDSC MIT-WPU isn't just a club; it's a dynamic nexus where learning, growth, and innovation converge. We empower students to not only stay abreast of evolving technology but also to excel in a world where adaptability and creativity are paramount. Our journey is one of continuous progress, and we invite all aspiring minds to join us in shaping a future driven by curiosity, collaboration, and cutting-edge skills.

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Past events

13. Dez. 2023

Info Session

MIT World Peace University - Pune, India

23. Aug. 2023

Info Session

MIT World Peace University - Pune, India


Harshal juikar

MIT-World Peace University

Tanishq Shah

MIT-World Peace University

Nimish Godbole

Technical Lead
MIT-World Peace University

Siddhi Murkute

Content Head
GDSC- MIT World Peace University

Manthan Sonawane

Management Head

Aachal Saxena

Co- Management Head

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