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The Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) at M.H. Saboo Siddik College Of Engineering proclaims that it has been founded and is dedicated to bridging the gap between theory and practice, and to making students, from all departmental backgrounds, aware of technologies that can help them tackle problems or make existing solutions better—both in and out of the classroom. Looking to prepare students for success in a world dominated by technology, the club strives to create an accessible learning environment where anyone, with any experience level, can begin learning about and acquiring technical skills to solve technical and non-technical problems alike. In doing so, GDSC at M.H. Saboo Siddik College aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration with the goal of inspiring projects and solutions that can help people in campus, local, or global communities.

By joining GDSC, students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for local businesses and their community.

We will be hosting events and activities for all students throughout the academic year.

Our focus is to help students progress as developers while ensuring that they have a fun-filled learning experience.

As programmers, we find ourselves in stressful situations when coding for the first time, hence we value the importance of maintaining a relaxed yet engaging environment during our sessions

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