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Founded in 2020, the LSE DSC focuses on financial and technological events. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive community that builds on great friendships and networking circles. This year we are excited to partner with Startups, Non-Profits and Leading Financial Institutions to bring you exciting speakers, workshops and introductory classes. Today we are the largest GDSC in the world and develop feasible and unique technology solutions! As of 13/05/2021 we have 1,700 members. Please take note of event times, as we try to accommodate the different timezones our members are located in.

LSE students can apply for organiser positions in September 2021.

If you are a DSC Lead of another university and wish to collaborate, you can contact us via

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Can anyone attend LSE DSC events? Yes! All events are Free and are in English, you can find out more exciting opportunities on @lsegoogledsc.
Are Events recorded? We would notify participants if the event is being recorded. We avoid recording events to allow members to ask questions freely.
I really liked one of your events, can we have it happen again? Yes. Contact us (mail icon) and we will try our best to make it happen.
Would membership in LSE DSC help me get into LSE? No. We are not affiliated with LSE admissions, you are advised to check the LSE website.
Can I get more virtual intern/experience opportunities? We are working with our partners to gain more access or find more at Google Codelabs.
How can I join the core team? We only accept UK uni students, and onboard new teams all year round. To Apply: (1) Contact us via mail icon (2) fill this Form.
I want to start a tech business. What resources do you have? This includes everything you need: The Student Developer Pack or Start Up School.
How do I get started with coding? Where do I start? Check out all our resources and recommendations in our collab with DSC NIT: The Starter Kit.
I still did not find what I was looking for, do you have anything else? Get advice and mentorship from experts: DigitalBoost, Intro to Flutter: Crash Course.

LSE Developer Student Club Achievements & News for 2020-2021

  • In January, we officially became the largest DSC in the WORLD for the Google Developer Student Community.
  • In February, alongside other UK DSCs, we hosted an International Women's day summit which was fully booked with a waiting list.
  • In March, we were awarded Best University Society alongside LSESU Business & Investment Group by National Undergraduate Awards.
  • Together with our partners have attracted +15,000 attendees on programming resources and virtual programmes.
  • We developed an NGO platform which would help NGOs gain more grants during Covid alongside McKinsey & Co and Fidelity International.
  • Using Tensorflow we developed a prototype AI which tracks wildfires using satellite imaging and weather data.
  • Our partnership with Google for Startups have connected 300 students to startup founders in technology solutions.
  • Our Solution team has developed a framework to raise awareness of petitions and making them more accessible to the public
  • We have hosted 20 C-level executives, Including JPMorgan, SoftBank, UNICEF, BlackStone, SpeedInvest, Iberia Airlines.
  • Our Team has completed over 80 events throughout the academic year.
  • We have provided tailored resources to 100 students who cannot afford university and interested in tech.
Let us know what else we can do to support our community.

Build Good Things, Together

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