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Introducing "Google Developer Student Club - Karnavati University" - a dynamic campus-based community for the students of Karnavati University! At Google DSC KU, we are committed to helping students fine-tune their skills and develop applications that address various challenges on campus and in the local community.

Our primary goal is to bridge the gap between theory and practice, providing a welcoming space where both novice coders and advanced developers can collaborate and explore innovative ideas.

Join Google DSC KU and become part of a passionate group of developers who utilize technology for the betterment of society. We're excited to inspire innovation and support students in their journey to becoming proficient coders and making a positive impact on the world!

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Jeel Patel

Karnavati University

Tejas Uttare

Technical Lead
Karnavati University

maanan jagani

Management Lead

Dr. Raju Shanmugam

Faculty Advisor
USCI, Karnavati University

Niomi Samani

Content Lead

Kunjan Shah

Faculty Advisor

Aman Mehta

Social Media Lead

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