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ICCS College of Engineering and Management is a Engineering College Under ICCS Limited Management, Currently situated on Thrissur district of Kerala-India .Google Developer Student Club in ICCS College of Engineering and Management, Managed under Department of Computer Science and Engineering  is a part of global community of Google Developer student clubs that provide students on college can enrol and take part in various activities focusing on development of technical skills and team building Here ,GDSC ICCS CEM we are dedicated to connect to the other clubs ,learn new things and share the knowledge and Keep learning . 

History of GDSC ICCS College of Engineering
Google Developer Student Club,ICCS College of Engineering and Management came to work action form academic year 2022-2023 The club was started with the support of google developer student  club program ,Which is a flagship global community program introduced by the google to Support and motivate the student in journey of learning 

What we Do?
We As a Part of Google Developer Student club we conduct various program that focus on development of not only technical skills also soft skills like presentaion,Program co ordination .In the duration of an academic year we will conduct various workshop that includes google technologies like Android Application Development,Kotlin,TensorFlow etc along with various programming languages and so on . We also conduct various programs that mainly focus on improvement of various skills which include presentation ,public speaking etc..

Why to join?

As we mentioned above we conduct various programs which will reflect on the development of not only the technical as well as non technical side. we believe that these skills can develop you a better version of yourself and in term skills grabbed here can bring you help to grab a good opportunity in future .With the club you will be able to get connected with various student and personalities working across the globe so you can expand your connections as well as exposure ,A Better exposure will make a better results in long run

Who can Join
Any one who is interested to work with us can join and explore the club joining and activities of club is totally free of cost. Volunteers who want to join us are not required to master in any codding or technical skill (i.e. why we are here to help you most )feel free to join us and leave the rest to us

Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.

Past events