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Welcome to GDSC FAST Islamabad: Where Learning Meets Innovation. 

Through immersive hands-on workshops, dynamic online code camps, and a wealth of resources, we empower our students with not just technical skills but also personal growth, leadership abilities, and a strong sense of community engagement.

Beyond the acquisition of technical knowledge, we inspire and guide students to step out of their comfort zones, foster innovation, and develop the confidence to tackle real-world challenges. Inculcating the spirit of community work, we encourage them to become active contributors to society.

Our dedication extends to hosting national-level events that bring tech enthusiasts from across Pakistan together, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. These events serve as platforms for students to grow individually while also contributing to the broader tech industry in Pakistan.

Our vision is to nurture students as catalysts of positive change, not just at FAST but also within the national tech ecosystem. Join us in this exciting journey of holistic learning, personal growth, and innovation. Together, we'll shape the future of technology and make a meaningful impact on our communities, one student at a time.

Upcoming events

Jan 12, 2024

Workshop / Study Group

Cloud Study Jam

Google Developer Students Clubs FAST NUCES are hosting a Cloud Study Jam—a hands-on workshop focusing on practical applications of Google Cloud services. Participants gain skills in computing, storage, and more, enhancing their understanding of Google Cloud.

Past events

Nov 16, 2023

Speaker Session / Tech Talk

Fast National University (NUCES), Islamabad Campus

Oct 31, 2023

External Ticketing (External RSVP)

Fast National University (NUCES), Islamabad Campus

Oct 19, 2023

Workshop / Study Group

Fast National University (NUCES), Islamabad Campus

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Khadija Irfan

FAST National University

Maheen Shoukat

Events Lead

Amna Usman

Women in Tech Lead

Moawiz Bin Yamin

PR: Internals Lead

Maheer Arshad

Creatives Lead

Khaula Atiq

Technical Workshops Lead

Abdullah Bin Naeem

Co Lead Technical Workshops

Salman Ahmed

Technical Lead Projects
Data Insight

Tayyaab Ali

PR: Externals Lead


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