Let's get to know Flutter.

We will listen to Flutter by Levent Kantaroğlu, who works as a Senior Flutter Developer.

Feb 9, 5:00 – 6:00 PM



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Levent Kantaroğlu stands out as an experienced Flutter Developer in the industry. With expertise ranging from the fundamentals to advanced features of Flutter, Levent will guide us through the principles of Flutter, its widgets, and performance intricacies. Additionally, his practical tips and experience sharing will shed light on development challenges. This event offers a valuable learning opportunity for anyone interested in Flutter.


  • Levent Kantaroğlu

    Turkish Technology

    Flutter Developer


  • Sümeyye Sude İnce

    Google Developer Student Clubs



  • Burcu Mengüç

    GDSC Lead

  • Sümeyye İnce


  • Şükran Yılmaz

    Software Core Team Member

  • Berkan Berker

    Software Core Team Member

  • Beyza ÇEVRİM

    Software Core Team Member

  • Rumeysa İnaltekin

    Co Lead

  • rumeysa kırmızıkaya

    Organization Core Team Member

  • Berfin Bozkuş

    Organization Core Team Member

  • Abdullah Kılıç

    Marketing Core Team Member

  • Tuana Zehra Erdoğan

    Social Media Core Team Member

  • Feyza Karaoğlu

    Design Core Team Member

  • Şevval Aydıngöz

    Human Resources Core Team Member

  • Metin Akdaş

    Organization Core Team Member

  • Tuğçe Özkaraaslan

    Social Media Core Team Member

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