Machine Learning Crash Course

The Crash course cover, what Is machine learning? Using Some APIs to build my project. how to build a machine learning project down from the bottom.

Oct 18, 2020, 6:00 PM – Oct 25, 2020, 8:00 PM



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The difference between regular programming and machine learning?

Regular programming:

Here, you give certain commands that the robot will act on you if you notice in a certain situation.

This robot can remain your opponent in a mobile game programmed when you go to touch the ball and it hits you. Or it could remain a tangible robot in our midst.

I mean, you are a writer of lines of code with his understanding that when the ball is touching, you should move your hand, remove the gun, and hit fire.

Of course, you might have imagined that he would certainly take many lines of orders in order to carry out something like this with all the details (when the ball is touching, and how does he know that it touched, what does the gun come out, what does it strike).

Machine Learning:

Another method of non-programming - regular programming - in which the robot learns all the words above it on their own.

How do we do it?

By giving the robot yours to watch "people" you do this (every time you touch the ball, they shoot a pistol and hit fire).

And when the robot sees 100 people, 1,000 people, 1,000,000 people, it knows about it when it lands in their place, making their uniforms.

How do I work or what to replace the lines of code?

Numbers ... a lot of numbers..the numbers link between the inputs of the robot (to a person, for example, the shape of a person, and he touches a ball) and the outputs (to a person, for example, how to look at a pistol and hit a fire) .... and the robot, if it knows, meets the correct numbers. It connects the input to the output so it defines it. It really works in the first and in the other. They are just numbers but arranged in a specific way and in many maths behind the topic.

And we can say, intuition, that the numbers are like the thoughts that are in the atmosphere of our brain ... Uh, right, so we let us down from our words, and we start from our trumpet words ... but among them are thoughts in our brain, not words in our brain ..... the same idea in The robot ... inside it is something closer to a script, in which there is a description of the situation in front of it ... and to it outside it is a script similar to a script in which the description of the act that is imposed on it... But between the two scripts, there is no condition that there are lines and a script in response. ..But it is possible to keep numbers.

Machine learning remains all about talking about how do you know the stacking of numbers next to some, and how to let the robot learn from people and the examples to see it, and with us, you will start to learn all this from scratch until you reach a level where you can participate with us in competitions, conferences or travel abroad!



October 18 – 25, 2020
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


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  • Shahd Salah

    GDSC Lead

  • Ahmed Emad



  • Abdalla Tamer

    Oc Head

  • Abdelrahman Taha

    AI & DS member

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    Lead Tech

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