Explore ML Beginner Session 1

Zagazig University
Sun, Sep 18, 8:15 PM (EET)

About this event

Join us in Explore Machine Learning Workshop: Beginner Track for the following three days.

Prerequisites: Nothing


Explore Machine Learning (ML) is a Google-sponsored program for university students to start with Machine Learning. The curriculum offers 3 tracks of machine learning content (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and relies on university student facilitators to train other students on campus.

Explore ML and Google Developer Student Clubs are collaborating to help students grow their knowledge and develop their skills in Machine Learning.


The biggest motivation is acquiring knowledge skills that will be valuable for your future.

Students who participate in the program will additionally:

Acquire foundational machine learning knowledge.

Build a network of like-minded, passionate students excited about the applications of ML.




Sunday, Sep 18
8:15 PM - 11:00 PM (EET)


  • Mahmoud Sultan

    Mahmoud Sultan

    Google DSC Zagazig University

    GDSC Community Lead

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  • Yahya Ibraheem

    Yahya Ibraheem

    GDSC Zagazig University

    Community Co-Lead

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  • Nermeen Abd El-Hafeez

    Nermeen Abd El-Hafeez

    GDSC Zagazig University

    Human Resources Lead

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  • Abdulrahman O. Hassan

    Abdulrahman O. Hassan

    Smart Now

    Embedded Systems Lead

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  • Omar Yehia

    Omar Yehia

    VENU Dine

    Flutter Lead

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  • Mohammad Ashour

    Mohammad Ashour

    Data Science Lead

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  • Zeyad Abdelazim

    Zeyad Abdelazim


    Cyber Security Lead

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  • Ahmed Mohamed Abdelkader

    Ahmed Mohamed Abdelkader

    Media Lead

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  • amro khaled

    amro khaled

    Goole DSC Zagazig University

    Graphic Design Lead

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  • Omar Mohammed

    Omar Mohammed

    Cairo Time

    Content Writing Lead

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  • Zeyad Zeid

    Zeyad Zeid

    Marketing Lead

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  • Devien george

    Devien george

    Web Development Lead

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  • Menna Elgyar

    Menna Elgyar

    UI/UX Lead

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  • Anas Fahiem

    Anas Fahiem

    Flutter Co-lead

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  • Mazen EL Sayed

    Mazen EL Sayed


    Graphic Design Co-Lead

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  • Muhammed Hüsam Alzeyyat

    Muhammed Hüsam Alzeyyat

    GDSC - ZAGAZIG University

    Cyber Security Co-Lead

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  • Mahmoud Essam

    Mahmoud Essam

    GDSC - Zagazig University‏

    UI/UX Co-Lead

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  • Menna El_Mansy

    Menna El_Mansy

    GDSC Zagazig University

    Marketing Co-Lead

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  • Ali Elshorpagi

    Ali Elshorpagi

    SW Development Co-Lead

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  • Ebrahim Elsayed

    Ebrahim Elsayed

    Cyber Security Co-Lead

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  • Hossam Ezzat

    Hossam Ezzat


    Flutter Co-Lead

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  • Ahmed Mohamed Elsayed

    Ahmed Mohamed Elsayed

    GDSC Zagazig University

    Cyber Security Co-Lead

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  • Marwan Ahmed

    Marwan Ahmed


    Public Relations Co-Lead

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  • Youseff Adel

    Youseff Adel


    Human Resources Co-Lead

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  • Islam Magdi

    Islam Magdi

    AMG' Ads

    UI/UX Co-Lead

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  • Antonios Elia

    Antonios Elia

    GDSC - Zagazig University

    Web Development Co-Lead

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  • Mostafa Mohamed (ALFY)

    Mostafa Mohamed (ALFY)

    GDSC - Zagazig University

    Marketing Co-Lead

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  • Ahmad Elshafee

    Ahmad Elshafee


    Google DSC Mentor

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