Career Fair @ DevFest - GDG Cairo

CIC New Cairo - Land # 6, Center Services, South of Police Academy, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo New Cairo, 11835 - View Map Zagazig
Dec 9 - 10, 2022, 10:00 AM (EET)




December 9 - 10
10:00 AM (EET)


CIC New Cairo
Land # 6, Center Services, South of Police Academy, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo New Cairo11835


  • Mahmoud Sultan

    Mahmoud Sultan

    Google DSC Zagazig

    GDSC Community Lead

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  • Abdulrahman O. Hassan

    Abdulrahman O. Hassan

    Smart Now

    Community Co-Lead & Embedded Systems Lead

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  • Omar Yehia

    Omar Yehia

    VENU Dine

    Flutter Supervisor

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  • Mohammad Ashour

    Mohammad Ashour

    Data Science Lead

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  • Zeyad Abdelazim

    Zeyad Abdelazim


    Cyber Security Lead

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  • Ahmed Mohamed Abdelkader

    Ahmed Mohamed Abdelkader

    Media Director

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  • amro khaled

    amro khaled

    Goole DSC Zagazig University

    Graphic Design Lead

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  • Omar Mohammed

    Omar Mohammed

    Cairo Time

    Content Writing Lead

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  • Anas Fahiem

    Anas Fahiem

    Flutter Co-lead

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  • Mazen EL Sayed

    Mazen EL Sayed


    Graphic Design Co-Lead

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  • Aya Nagi

    Aya Nagi

    Content Writing Co-Lead

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  • Muhammed Hüsam Alzeyyat

    Muhammed Hüsam Alzeyyat

    GDSC - ZAGAZIG University

    Cyber Security Co-Lead

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  • Manar Raafat

    Manar Raafat

    Human Resources CTM

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  • Mahmoud Essam

    Mahmoud Essam

    GDSC - Zagazig University‏

    UI/UX Co-Lead

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  • Ali Elshorpagi

    Ali Elshorpagi

    SW Development Co-Lead

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  • Ebrahim Elsayed

    Ebrahim Elsayed

    Cyber Security Co-Lead

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  • Hossam Ezzat

    Hossam Ezzat


    Flutter Lead

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  • Marwan Ahmed

    Marwan Ahmed


    Public Relations Co-Lead

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  • Youseff Adel

    Youseff Adel


    Human Resources Co-Lead

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  • Islam Magdi

    Islam Magdi

    Google DSC Zagazig

    UI/UX Lead

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  • Antonios Elia

    Antonios Elia

    GDSC - Zagazig University

    Web Development Co-Lead

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  • Mostafa Mohamed (ALFY)

    Mostafa Mohamed (ALFY)

    Google DSC ZAGAZIG

    Marketing Lead

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  • Ahmad Elshafee

    Ahmad Elshafee


    Google DSC Mentor

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  • Yahya Ibraheem

    Yahya Ibraheem

    GDSC Zagazig University

    Software Development Lead

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  • Nermeen Abd El-Hafeez

    Nermeen Abd El-Hafeez

    GDSC Zagazig University

    Data Science Co-Lead

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  • hanaa wakwak

    hanaa wakwak

    Flutter Co-Lead

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  • Mostafa Omar

    Mostafa Omar

    Web Development Lead

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  • Yousef Elnemer

    Yousef Elnemer

    Public Relations Lead

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