Introduction To Crowdsource And Vocalize Campaign

Wolaita Sodo University
Sat, Dec 17, 2022, 4:00 PM (EAT)

Introducing Crowdsource and Vocalize Campaign, We are excited to launch the Google Crowdsource Learning Community to our local community. If you loved to be certified by Google and contribute to their AI/ML, this is for you. It is here in a fun-learning approach. Learn more about CLC and how to take advantage of it.

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About this event

Crowdsource is a fun, easy way for you to use your own abilities to contribute to the building blocks of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This helps us make the Google products that you love even better for your language, region, and culture. Answers from you and millions of others around the world are used in Machine Learning based products, making them work well for the diversity of the global population. 

- How to become part of the CLC 

- What benefits there are of being part of the CLC

- What the Vocalize campaign is and more...



  • Matiwos Desalegn

    Matiwos Desalegn


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  • Dawit Uta

    Dawit Uta

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