Ask Me Anything with Jeff Nguyen, a Technical Recruiter for Google and Founder of Boba Talks

Western University
Thu, Feb 9, 3:00 PM (EST)

About this event

Hello Students!

My name is Jeff. I'm from Seattle, and I'm a former college drop out and wedding planner. I've had quite a scenic career working at some cool companies with even cooler people such as a Riot Games, Microsoft, Amazon and I'm currently a Technical Recruiter @ Google! I spend my time helping students navigate the early career space. Let's face it - it's confusing, it's overwhelming, and sometimes you might not know what to do or how to do it. I wanted to create something to help guide students throughout this space - which led to BobaTalks!

We're a NPO that helps students navigate the ambiguities of early career and life development through mentorship with folks in the roles and industries that students aspire to be in. This way, students can ask the questions that actually matter to them.

I'm partnering with UTSG GDSC to help students and answer questions that they might have! While my background has mostly been in the recruitment of SWEs and Product Managers, these events are open to all sorts of questions! Whether its personal, mental health, career, or anything to do with Boba, I'm here to to help UofT folks :)

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