Java Backend Workshop

West University of Timișoara
Dec 18, 2021 - Feb 5, 2022, 6:00 PM (EET)

About this event

Java Backend Workshop is a workshop that focuses on creating and maintaining the backend part of a REST web application.

The duration of this workshop will be 7 weeks. During this time, the members will learn:

- Basics of the Spring boot framework

- Basics of MySQL

- Basics of Hibernate

- Basics of JUnit testing

- How to create and call REST endpoints

- Send requests via Postman

Number of participants: maximum 10.

The pre requirements of this workshop are:

- basic Java knowledge

- basic OOP knowledge

- basic data structures

After completing this workshop, the members will be able to create by themselves a simple backend for a REST application, using Spring boot and database integration with MySQL.