Solution Challenge Design Sprint

Wayne State University
Sat, Feb 11, 11:00 AM (EST)

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Solution Design Day at 11:00 am EST on Saturday, February 11th The Solution Design Day will be a one-day bootcamp, aimed to give you practice in product, visual, and technical design and a place to start your Solution Challenge projects -- all while having fun!

About this event

Get ready for a world of possibilities as we bring together students from Google Developer Student Clubs for a global collaboration at the #SolutionChallenge Design Day! Join us on February 11th at 11am EST on Zoom or February 17th at 5pm EST as we tackle real-world problems with cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking. Showcase your skills and unleash your creativity as we work together to create solutions that will shape the future. Register now and don't miss this opportunity to connect and grow with talented individuals from around the world. Let's do this!